Welcome to Jig Grinding Ltd,

Established in 1957 and situated 19 miles south west of Birmingham.

We have modern premises with permanent temperature control enabling us to achieve the high accuracy's required for specialist grinding such as metrology gauges etc, and ensures that our customers receive the expected quality and repeatability of the Jig Grinding process.

Currently we have 5 manual and 3 CNC Jig Grinding machines including a Moore G18 CNC CP AG, a Moore G18 CNC CP both with fully integrated 4th rotary axis and a Hauser 5 CNC recently upgraded Fagor control.

Our maximum table movement is up to 700mm x 500mm and a max height of 610mm (under collet to table top) for cnc grinding, and for manual grinding a max height of 730mm is available on our special high accuracy manual machine.

Our Jig Grinders have the added advantage of a large range of ancillary equipment, which includes spin tables, slot grinders, high speed motors, wheel dressing equipment and a comprehensive range of measuring equipment to calibration standards plus our own in house wheel manufacturing capability.

Aspheric Grinding
Using air bearing workheads we are able to generate aspheric curves to sub micron accuracy's when required on our moore G18 CNC CP AG.